I hope you’re fine with me writing in English cause it’s just way easier considering that I just got back today.
It was very nice to have a meeting that prepared us for our upcoming unique experience. It helped to understand how to act in New Zealand to have a good first impression. I also really enjoyed the orientation days in Auckland. We could use it to not be jet lacked anymore and also to get use to the kiwi life. Doit always replied super quick as soon as I texted them.
My school life was just amazing. It didn’t take me long to find an amazing friend group and I also had pretty good teacher who always supported me in everything especially with assignments. I have to say finishing school in New Zealand was a challenge but also an amazing experience. My host family was just perfect. They did so much stuff with me and they really felt like my family in the end and it was incredible hard to leave them.
So all and all it was just an amazing experience and I’m so thankful how everything turned out and how much stuff do it has done for me.

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